ASB Treasurer: Leo Weng

An interview with Leo Weng, who will serve as next year’s ASB Treasurer.

What inspired you to run for office?

One reason I ran was to continue my previous years of leadership positions as class secretary-treasurer. I feel that my experience in those roles qualified and prepared me to become ASB treasurer. Although my first election campaign in freshman year was largely a joke, I can guarantee that my motives have shifted over the 3 years I have been in leadership to be more accommodating to the school. 

What do you feel is the biggest problem at Leigh, and do you have any ideas of how to combat this issue?

Strictly speaking, I would say that my role as ASB treasurer does not necessitate plans or creative ideas, but being in a leadership position like that allows me to implement significant change or improvement in whichever area, regardless of its relation to financial issues. One such area is communication with students. I feel this is a large weak spot in our ASB system and should be fixed ASAP. We executives have already begun combating it by creating the Tech Commission for next year, one of its functions being to spread school news digitally. Furthermore, I think parents can be included more into news, and weekly or daily updates can be changed to be easier to digest, rather than a large google doc that few people skim through anyways.

What is one of your favorite memories from your time in high school?

One of my favorite memories is building the trebuchet in AP Physics 1. Being the full carry of the group, I felt immense pride when our trebuchet did not explode upon launch. I also enjoyed spending time with friends while seeing the evolution of our creation. This sounds like a pretty nerdy memory, but this is one of the interactions with my friends that stand out in high school (also I forgot everything from freshman year).

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