Earthquakes Strike, Cause Damage In Turkey And Syria

Nikitha Srinivasan

Turkey and Syria were hit by 7.8-magnitude earthquakes, with aftershocks measuring 7.5 and 6.3. It spanned 62 miles and destroyed ten cities along the way. Because of their location on the Anatolian plate, Turkey and Syria are among the world’s most active earthquake zones. The plate is frequently “squeezed westward” as a result of the northern collision of the Eurasian and Arabian plates. According to Patricia Martnez-Garzón, a seismologist at a German research center, the plates’ stress has been building up for over a century.

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California Floods: Splash into 2023!

Devika Bhattacharjya

California started 2023 off with a splash! For the first time in many years, California was in the middle of a passing storm, which caused days of consecutive rain. A storm, called atmospheric rivers, has dumped high amounts of rain on California. Atmospheric rivers are parts of the atmosphere that look long and narrow. Their appearance gives them the name rivers in the sky! These atmospheric rivers carry most of the water vapor that is outside the tropics and then releases this water in the form of rain when it hits land. These rivers are not harmless, but they can cause intense flooding and mudslides. Along with casualties, the atmospheric rivers that passed through in the storm were beneficial to California.

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The Declining Interest in Monkey Pox

Ximena Bonilla

When Monkeypox cases started rising in early 2022, there was a flood of TikToks and posts on social media regarding Monkeypox symptoms. People were horrified by the scarring and rashes that would occur. And others shared their stories about getting the virus. However, recently, news articles about the virus have declined. Why is there such a decline in interest now?

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China’s Plane Crash

Dhruthi Mahesh

On March 21st, flight MU5735’s crash prompted President Xi Jinping to start a full scale investigation. “It’s very unconventional for a plane to be cruising and then suddenly dive like this,” (Dr Brown, BBC). This Chinese aircraft was flying towards Guangzhou from Kunming when it nose-dived and crashed into a forest in Guangxi just an hour after takeoff. 

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