Weather Changes: Hot or Cold?

Maya Hardin

Drastic changes in weather have become a part of our society. With climate change and global warming, you never truly know what to expect. One day it’s 104 and sunny and the next it’s 81 and cloudy. One hour it’s 72 and the next it’s 102. This brings up the question: Why is the weather changing?

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Aine O’Donovan Appointed As New Area 5 Trustee

Natalie Bachman

At the special board meeting on October 4, Aine O’Donovan was provisionally appointed to represent area 5 vacancy on the CUHSD board of trustees. The previous trustee, Kallen Gallagher, resigned this August, leaving a vacancy on the board.

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The Declining Interest in Monkey Pox

Ximena Bonilla

When Monkeypox cases started rising in early 2022, there was a flood of TikToks and posts on social media regarding Monkeypox symptoms. People were horrified by the scarring and rashes that would occur. And others shared their stories about getting the virus. However, recently, news articles about the virus have declined. Why is there such a decline in interest now?

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China’s Plane Crash

Dhruthi Mahesh

On March 21st, flight MU5735’s crash prompted President Xi Jinping to start a full scale investigation. “It’s very unconventional for a plane to be cruising and then suddenly dive like this,” (Dr Brown, BBC). This Chinese aircraft was flying towards Guangzhou from Kunming when it nose-dived and crashed into a forest in Guangxi just an hour after takeoff. 

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Home Depot Catches Fire

Nikitha Srinivasan

The home depot on Blossom hill caught on fire, it quickly changed from a one-alarm fire to a five-alarm fire. The fire started at 6:00 pm and was deemed under control at 11:45 pm. The cause of the fire is still unknown and is under investigation. The fire was reported in the lumber section so there is a possibility of correlation. It is reported that the cause is not due to any criminal activity. The home depot contains glues, pesticides and paint which contain toxic chemicals when burned. It was reported that the store’s sprinklers worked but did not go off. 

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COVID Boosters

Li Yen Ho

The COVID-19 booster shot has been available for months now, since November 19, 2021; for most, it is the third COVID vaccine they have taken. Anyone 12 years or older (who is also fully vaccinated) is advised to take the booster, and especially with Omicron making its rounds, it is all the more important to stay safe.

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