January 2023

Edition 2

Published January 6, 2023

Midterm Elections

Devika Bhattacharjya

When America was first established, the framers of the Constitution decided to make a bicameral in Congress to control different aspects of law-making. For one, the House represents individual districts based on population. It is made up of 435 delegates and is divided proportionally among the 50 states. House members are not elected by everyone in their state, but only the people who live in their specific districts.

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Book Review: “Kindred” by Olivia Butler

Anne Kearns

Because of the relatively fast-paced and entertaining nature of this book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Even though it’s a pretty easy read because of its captivating, action-packed pages, it touches on very deep and real issues that still affect many people today. 

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Vaping In Bathrooms: Why Change Must Happen

Natalie Bachman

I remember when I was in middle school, and a few students were caught vaping in the bathroom. Word quickly spread around the school, all of us flabbergasted that people would actually vape. Now that I’ve spent almost 4 years in high school, this occurrence suddenly feels normal – and it shouldn’t. Leigh’s vaping problem is out of control, and it is time that the school does something about it.

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The Rise of Pickleball

Maya Hardin

What do LeBron James, Tom Brady, and Kevin Durant have in common? Not only are they all athletes, but they also own a pickleball team! Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America and is played all over the U.S. This sport is a mix of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, and uses paddles instead of rackets on a badminton-like court with rules similar to badminton and tennis. Pickleball (or paddle tennis) is rapidly gaining popularity, but what’s the history?

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The SAT Is Now Online: Here’s what You Need To Know

Hayoon Song

College Board announced that the SAT test will be taken online internationally starting in 2023 and in the U.S. from 2024. This change impacts many students, starting from this year’s sophomores. But before we get to know more details, let’s look into what exactly the SAT is.

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Ellen Pompeo Leaves Grey’s Anatomy

Sofia Angileri

After 19 seasons, 398 episodes, and nearly 16,318 minutes, Ellen Pompeo will be leaving Grey’s Anatomy. Ellen Pompeo has starred in the hit TV series Grey’s Anatomy as the main character Meredith Grey for almost 2 decades. Throughout the show, Meredith was a character that has been constantly tested to her limits and still continued to come out on top.

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From Cakes To Catastrophe: The Decline Of Airline Customer Service

Lalit Das

Last Thanksgiving week, my family and I wanted to travel to India as we had not seen my grandparents in almost four years. Yet, at four in the morning we found out that the flight to Singapore had been delayed by eight hours causing us to miss our connecting flight. We tried to get a refund, yet much to our surprise, they demanded us to pay a cancellation fee. The customer service was a great shock to my parents, considering that just sixteen years ago, this same airline greeted them with a cake on the same flight number. This begs the question, what factors have contributed to the decline of airline customer service and can it be fixed?

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How You May Be Eligible To Vote In An Upcoming Election

Natalie Bachman

With the 2022 midterm elections behind us and the 2024 presidential election quickly approaching, it goes without saying that voting plays a critical role in our democracy. All United States citizens become eligible to vote when they turn 18. However, the reality is that most teenagers don’t take advantage of this opportunity. A study by Tufts University found that only 26.8% of citizens aged 18-19 cast a ballot in the 2018 election. 

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The History of Christmas and How It Is Celebrated Around the World 

Dhruthi Mahesh

Christmas is celebrated by Christians every year on December 25th, and is celebrated to honor the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Modern-day celebrations include going to Church, gathering with family and friends to exchange gifts, and decorating Christmas trees; Christmas celebrations differ around the world, but the history of Christmas goes far beyond delicious food and presents. 

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The Interminable Christmas Debate

Manasi Sugath

The Christmas season is upon us whether you believe it or not. From what I can tell, the divide between the ideas on when the Christmas/holiday season starts is either November 1st or after Black Friday. Typically the people (like me) who believe that the holiday season starts on November 1st, right after Halloween, are the ones who are most excited about the season and have been waiting for it for many months. Those who believe that the season doesn’t start till late November, might believe that it starts with Cyber Monday and the purchasing of discounted gifts for family and friends.

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