Athletics During A Pandemic

Anna Halmeaho

This year, due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, school sports have been postponed. At Leigh, some athletic programs such as Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football and Water Polo, and Tennis are just a few of the sports that have begun. Golf (both girls and boys), Tennis (both), Baseball, Softball, Track & Field, Swim & Dive, Badminton, Boys Volleyball, Wrestling (both), Soccer (both), Basketball, are all starting to receive gear and play games in April and May. Water polo is so far the only sport that’s season has ended and all other sports have started their tryouts during their official day on March 22nd, but several already held workouts since February. Nonetheless, what exactly determines which programs were safe to start? 

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Alumni Athlete: Degan Fisher

When did you first join the track & field team? Was there a particular reason or experience that inspired you to try out the sport?

I joined track and field my freshman year (in 2016) and at the time I knew I wanted to play a sport, but didn’t know which sport. I ended up going to the Track and Field meeting during lunch and signing up to play the sport that following spring. Ultimately, I would say I was inspired by my brother who was a junior at the time who also signed up for the sport. 

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Alumni Athlete: Lauren Osborne

When did you first join field hockey and softball? What inspired you to join each of these teams?

I joined the field hockey and softball teams my freshman year. I’d played softball since I was 5 years old, so having the opportunity to represent my school was very inspiring. On the other hand, joining the field hockey team was a more spontaneous decision. I was looking to play a second sport in the fall and several close friends inspired me to try field hockey. I am so grateful that they did because being a Leigh field hockey player was one of my favorite high school experiences. 

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