Hey all! We’re the Eleight, the student newspaper of Leigh High School.

The Eleight has existed since the mid-1960’s when Leigh was originally founded! Although the Journalism class was canceled back in 2019, two seniors took it upon themselves to establish the club. And although almost everyone quit at the end of last year, we managed to develop a small, but tight-knit team; they’re truly the reason we’ve succeeded this year.

As one of Leigh’s longest standing student groups, we strive to represent the diverse community we live in. Every student has their unique interests, opinions, and traditions. No matter their writing ability, every contributor has brought a unique spin to our publication.

We’re constantly looking for submissions from the Leigh community, whether it be an article, artwork, or a short film (you can check out our website for inspiration). If you want to contribute in any way, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can contact the editors at editorial.eleight@gmail.com.

You can follow us on Instagram @the.eleight for breaking news articles, member features, and more!

We recently came across some old editions from the late 1960’s, so we though we’d share them with you! They are downloadable files, so just click the button corresponding to your desired edition.