February 2022

Edition 2

Published February 16th, 2022

The Power Of A Power Nap: How Sleep Boosts Creativity

Maitreyi Bharath

A few months ago, I came across an interesting article from LiveScience about Salvador Dalí’s sleep technique to boost creativity, a technique also used by Thomas Edison. These great minds drifted off to sleep in a chair, holding an object in their hands, like a glass ball. When they drifted off to unconsciousness, the object would drop, and they would wake up with a mind filled with creative juices. 

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2022 Fashion Predictions

Sofia Marougi

As the new year rolls around, we all get excited for the upcoming memories and events. Numerous people have countless traditions that they partake in when the year begins, mine happens to be predicting the fashion trends which will peak sometime within the next 12 months.

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Later Start Times And Longer School Days

Dhruthi Mahesh

On October 13th of 2019, the governor of California signed Senate Bill 328 (SB 328) that requires middle schools to start no earlier than 8:00 am, and high schools to start no earlier than 8:30 am in response to the rigor of school coursework and extracurricular activities that encourage students to stay up late to finish homework; this in turn decreases students’ attention span and productivity throughout the school day.

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The Rise Of Retail Theft

Natalie Bachman

As COVID protocols are gradually lifted, high-end retail stores are becoming targets of shoplifting, both by mass mobs and individuals. However, this chaos did not spur out of the blue: proposition 47, ratified in 2014, now classifies shoplifting of items valued under $950 as a misdemeanor, perpetuating crime and an “anything goes” mindset. 

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FDA & It’s Role In Society

Nikitha Srinivasan

The FDA is also known as the Food and Drug Administration. It enforces regulations of food, medical devices, cosmetics, and drugs. The FDA’s mission is to help protect public health by ensuring the safety of the food supply, medical devices, and cosmetics. The FDA grants approval of food and drugs. You can notice restaurants have a sign on their window ensuring that it is FDA approved. The FDA also checks the laboratory/clinical results of medical devices and drugs to make sure it is safe enough for the public. Dr.Stephen Hahn was sworn in as the commissioner of the FDA and approved by the senate by 73-17.

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Infographic by Srishti Venkatesan

STEM Enrichment Youth, or STEMEY is a nonprofit founded by Leigh alumni. They strive to promote equity in STEM education through speaker events, tutoring, free classes, and more. Check out their website stemenrichmentyouth.com to learn how to get involved!

Infographic by Karen Guo

Review: The Book Thief

Anu Venkatesh

The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak, is an exquisitely crafted book about life during World War Two in Germany. The narrator, Death, tells us the story of a young, German girl named Liesel Meminger. She has just lost all of her family: her father was taken away because he was a communist, her brother died, and her mom gave Liesel away, since her mother was constantly sick and had no money to take care of Liesel. At her brother’s funeral, Liesel uncovers a single object that will change her life: a book called The Grave Digger’s Handbook

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Image by Nitin531, CC BY-SA 4.0

Interview: Queer Awareness At Leigh

Noah Roh

An interview with several Queer students at Leigh detailing their experiences and ideas for future progress in the realm of queer acceptance and inclusion

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COVID Boosters

Li Yen Ho

The COVID-19 booster shot has been available for months now, since November 19, 2021; for most, it is the third COVID vaccine they have taken. Anyone 12 years or older (who is also fully vaccinated) is advised to take the booster, and especially with Omicron making its rounds, it is all the more important to stay safe.

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Corporations And Social Justice

Natalie Bachman

May 25, 2020: an innocent black man is murdered by the police force, rocking the nation, and sparking the Black Lives Matter Movement. As people lined the streets to fight against the injustice that still outlines our discriminatory society, corporations didn’t hesitate to make a statement. Suddenly, every shop in Downtown Los Gatos had a “Black Lives Matter” sign plastered in their window, and department stores began to air commercials about social justice. 

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Opinion: Roe vs. Wade and the Struggle for Bodily Autonomy

Noya Chirashnya

Once again, women’s rights to bodily autonomy are under fire, due to the recent court case of Dobbs v. Jackson being argued in the Supreme Court. The current Supreme Court is very conservative, with six out of nine judges being right-leaning. This means that the chance of Roe v. Wade, the biggest case in the struggle for abortion rights, being overturned or at least changed is very high. The case of Dobbs v. Jackson is centered around the Mississippi law that bans abortion at 15 weeks, which is a massive contradiction to Roe v. Wade. Before we dive into why this situation is terrifying, it is important to give a little bit of context about Roe v. Wade. 

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The Importance Of Books

Anne Kearns

From the Epic of Gilgamesh to the latest Stephen King novel, books have been a vital part of mankind for thousands of years. With the rise of the digital age, a time when large amounts of information are widely available to many people through technology, it is tempting to cast off reading as a thing of the past. But reading still greatly influences society, much like it has done through the millennia it has dominated our world.

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Image by Jehns Ohling, CC BY 2.0

Recipe: Jjapaguri (Korean Instant Noodle Dish)

Haley Lee

Jjapaguri combines the delights of two distinct instant noodle companies: Chapagetti (짜파게티) and Neoguri (너구리). Chapagetti serves Jjajangmyeon, a Korean-Chinese noodle dish based on blackbean sauce, while Neoguri serves udon-type noodles based on spicy seafood flavored soup. The final dish–Jjapaguri–has the strong, savory taste of Jjajangmyeon with a spicy complement from the udon.

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My 3-Day Train Journey

Maitreyi Bharath

Every winter, our family travels to Maryland to visit my uncle and his family. Usually, my other cousins from across the U.S. make this trip too, and we have a wonderful family reunion during Christmas and New Year’s Day. 

The best part is the flood of Christmas gifts I get. 

Just kidding. The best part is getting to spend time with my family. However, this year my Christmas time with them was somewhat limited compared to other trips.

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Students Enraged Over New Tech Policies

Neve Apte

Technology plays an important role in our learning at school. Due to potential for misuse, the school has always had some measures in place to ensure that the school-issued Chromebooks are used in a safe and appropriate way. However, recent developments involving new policies and practices relating to these devices have led to considerable outrage and discomfort among the students.

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