Meet The Staff

Natalie Bachman (Editor In Chief)

Natalie is a senior at Leigh High School and has been involved with The Eleight since her freshman year. She plays clarinet in the Marching Band, Pit Orchestra, and Wind Ensemble. She is also an officer for the EHOSA and Science National Honors Society clubs. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, cooking, and sewing.

Dhruthi Mahesh (Editor-In-Chief)

Dhruthi is a junior at Leigh and had previously been the Social Media Coordinator in her freshman and sophomore year. In addition to being an Editor-In-Chief, she is also a leader of Leigh’s Passion AI club and is on the Mock Trial team. Dhruthi enjoys reading, hiking and traveling outside of school. 

Nikitha Srinivasan (Editor-In-Chief)

Nikitha is a current junior who joined Eleight her freshman year. Nikitha is excited to contribute to making Leigh a welcoming community for all! Aside from the newspaper, she is the inclusion and diversity commissioner in leadership, the president of the art club, TA in Tamil School, and a member of CSF. Outside of school, she likes to go for walks, hang out with her friends, draw, and try new recipes. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and creating new memories!

Karen Guo (Co-Editor)

Karen is a senior and a Co-editor for The Eleight. She served as a staff writer two years ago when she first joined. Karen is looking forward to completing the paperwork necessary for her senior year.

Noya Chirashnya

Noya, who is a sophomore, has always had a passion for writing and journalism and hopes that her passion continues well into her life.

Maitreyi Bharath

Maitreyi is a sophomore and the founder and president of the Leigh Choir club and Leigh GIDAS club. In her free time, she teaches math and singing.  Maitreyi is an outgoing food lover, bookworm, and musician. She’s excited for another great year with The Eleight!

Anushri (Anu) Venkatesh

Anu Venkatesh is a junior who joined the Eleight last year. She loves to read and write in her free time. Her other hobbies include painting and playing piano.

Haley Lee

Hi everyone! I’m Haley Lee, currently a sophomore here at Leigh. This is my second-and-a-half year in eleight (given that I joined as an 8th grade feature). In my free time, I like to draw, rollerblade, and hang out with my friends! 

Anne Kearns

Anne is a sophomore at Leigh who loves everything related to reading and writing. This is her second year in the Eleight club and she is excited for this year and beyond!

Maya Hardin

Maya Hardin is a freshman at Leigh High School. She enjoys reading, eating, and hanging out with friends.

Krishna Nidhin

Krishna N. is one of the freshmen on the Eleight team. She loves to write stories and articles (she was also in the Union Magazine club). Krishna also loves to read and hopes that you enjoy reading the Eleight!!

Sofia Angileri

Sofia Angileri is a sophomore here at Leigh. She spends her free time reading, napping, and petting her cats. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as watching movies.

Ximina Bonilla

Ximena is a sophomore student at Leigh High School. She enjoys writing poetry and prefers to read sad books.

Devika Bhattacharjya

Devika Bhattacharjya is a smart girl. She loves to read. She joined the Eleight because she wants to learn how to write articles.

Rachel Baek

Rachel Baek is a junior at Leigh. She enjoys learning about different cultures and keeping track of significant international events.

Hayoon Song

Hayoon Song is a freshman who enjoys writing poems, articles, and essays. In her free time, she reads mystery novels and watches cooking videos.

Advaith Narayanan

Advaith is a sophomore who loves to code, compose music, play badminton, and write. He joined the Eleight to have fun writing while not having the pressure of being graded.

Kenta Tonari

Kenta is currently a freshman at Leigh High School. Some of his hobbies are playing badminton, music, and cooking. He is excited about being part of the Eleight this year!

Arushi Garud

Arushi G. loves singing, reading, and writing. Currently in 9th grade, her hobbies are martial arts and badminton. Writing-wise, she loves to write factual pieces, and also likes writing opinions.

Aashvee Vij

Aashvee has loved writing for as long as she can remember. Her passion for writing deepened in fourth grade and has only gotten bigger since. In her free time she loves to dance, act, and spend time with her friends.

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