ASB President: Scarlett Edwards

An interview with Scarlett Edwards, who will serve as next year’s ASB President.

What inspired you to run for office?

I was inspired to run for office because this year I have been the Junior Class Vice President and it has been such a great and fulfilling experience to provide events and activities for my own class, so I thought how amazing would it be to cater my ideas (along with the other execs) to the WHOLE school! Leadership is a huge part of my life as I have dedicated endless hours these past two years to put on events for the school and I enjoy every minute of it. I wanted to finish my experience at Leigh with a big role so I could give all of my effort to make it an amazing school year.

What are some of your plans and ideas for next year?

Some of my plans and ideas for next year is to have more rallies such as a Rivalry rally with Branham, a halloween rally, and a valentine’s day rally. Additionally, I want to have more spirit days catered towards the entire student body so that everyone can participate. I plan on sending out a spirit day form at the beginning of the school year to hear everyone’s ideas! I want to bring more class vs. class competitions to Leigh as well as a monthly food truck and tailgates before home football games!

What do you feel is the biggest problem at Leigh, and do you have any ideas of how to combat this issue?

I feel that the biggest problem at Leigh is the involvement and participation of the student body. As an ASB exec, this year we are going to make student/community outreach one of our primary goals, as it is super important that students participate! We have created the tech commission and will also have a PR group that is designated to make engaging flyers and videos on our events and spirit weeks/days we are putting on.

What is one of your favorite memories from your time in high school?

One of my favorite memories from my time in high school is this year’s night homecoming rally. I got to perform with the cheer team and then perform the junior class lipsync which I had led with a few others. The spirit levels were SO high and it was overall such a fun experience. 

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