Which Study Method Is Best For You?

Sofia Marougi

Do you have trouble studying? Well, hopefully these methods will help you ace many future tests. A good number of high school students aren’t yet aware of which method of studying is best for them. 

Studying is an ideal way to grasp a better understanding of a subject. A majority of students study before tests or quizzes to increase their chances of getting a higher score. In this article, I will be explaining a few different study methods while sharing my data of each percentile that Leigh High school students prefer.

Let’s start off with flash cards; Flash cards are small pieces of paper that usually have information on one side and the prompt/answer on the other. They help with memorization and mastering small details, such as keywords. Usually, a student creates multiple flashcards to study. It is best to review them over and over until you memorize them. You can make flash cards by buying index cards or cutting up paper into equal sections. 24% of my random voters said that they prefer flash cards over any other study method.

Another great method of studying is reviewing past notes. Compared to flash cards, 29% who were asked believed that reviewing their notes from previous class sessions helped them study for an upcoming test or quiz.However, one may ask how do you review them efficiently? It is good to use repetition in notes that cover important topics. For some learners, using images in notes is a good way for them to visualize what they are learning about as well as provide a greater grasp of the topic. Whether they are online or written, notes should always be organized in a way that is easy to review. To organize them, you can color code important information, make small/easy to read bullet points and try to remove unnecessary words. For example: “The mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell”, is easier to learn if you trim it down to a few important words that are easy to understand and memorize such as, “mitochondria=powerhouse of cell”. Lastly, keep in mind that symbols or other abbreviations are your best friend when taking notes.

Though only a small percentage of Leigh students prefer watching videos or tutorials as a method of studying (6%), it can be a great way to deepen your understanding on the topic. When stumped on a certain topic, watching helpful videos can be quite beneficial. They are also very easy to access! There are thousands of videos on sites, like YouTube, that will explain most – if not all subjects – you’d need extra help on. Tutoring videos usually go into detail on tough subjects and can be as helpful as being taught by your very own teacher. Mobile/remote learning is becoming increasingly popular, especially as a result of the quarantine. Nowadays, there are so many different types of help you can obtain in a simple click! 

The most preferred method of studying by several different Leigh High School students, with 41% of the votes, is the use of a practice test. Practice tests can help a student study the necessary items that will be on the upcoming test. They can either be created by the teacher or each student individually. If the teacher hasn’t provided a practice test, I got you! To create a pre-test, you need to first gather all your notes for the unit. Once you have that, pick out which tidbits of information you believe is the most important. Write them all down, then grab a piece of paper or log onto Google Drive. Create problems with the important information (or use ones from past notes if you are unsure) and complete them. Do not put everything from your notes on the practice test unless you know that you will be tested on everything from the unit. It is important to practice the most important subjects a couple of times by placing them on the pre-test more than once. After you complete the pre-test and feel confident, you can go the extra mile and review the practice test before the quiz. It is important to review and repeat important information when studying.

Of course there are many more methods of studying out there! I just wanted to showcase the 4 most popular ones that Leigh students appear to use, based on my study. Which of these study techniques do you think will work best for you? It is proven most efficient  to study for small periods of time, over the span of a few days/ weeks leading up to the exam (depending on the test). I hope this article helps you find a new way to study that will increase your likelihood of success. Thanks for reading!

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