Ellen Pompeo Leaves Grey’ Anatomy

Sofia Angileri

After 19 seasons, 398 episodes, and nearly 16,318 minutes, Ellen Pompeo will be leaving Grey’s Anatomy. Ellen Pompeo has starred in the hit TV series Grey’s Anatomy as the main character Meredith Grey for almost 2 decades. Throughout the show, Meredith was a character that has been constantly tested to her limits and still continued to come out on top.

From seasons 1-19 Meredith accidentally got into a relationship with a man that she didn’t know was one of her bosses, and then he turned out to be married. Her mother was revealed to have Alzheimer’s. She stuck her hand inside a patient to keep a bomb from detonating. Her appendix burst. Her mother died. She drowned after a ferry boat accident. She told an active gunman to shoot her. She had a miscarriage. Her father abandoned her and had another family. She had to call 9-1-1 when she was young because her mother tried to take her own life. She found out she had multiple half-sisters. Her stepmother died after she came into the hospital for hiccups. She almost died in a plane crash that took the lives of both her sister and her husband’s best friend as well as the leg of one of her colleagues. She had an emergency c-section during a power outage and her spleen ruptured. She was attacked by a patient. She got covid. Her husband died. She gave her father a liver. Her father and mother died. She found out why her father left, and about her mother’s affair. She almost lost her medical license. Her husband got shot in front of her. She fell down a staircase while she was pregnant. Her best friends all slowly left her to move on with their lives. She was forced to work with a doctor that failed to save her husband while he was dying. Only to name a few horrible situations that Meredith went through. And to top it all off, when it was time for Meredith to leave Seattle and move on from all the trauma and tragedies she experienced, her childhood home burned down taking everything she had left of her sister and late husband.

Throughout the show one thing has been made exceedingly clear, Meredith Grey is an extraordinary character that continuously persevered in a world that was constantly written to tear her down. And as a viewer and fan who constantly waits every Thursday for a new episode, I can say with certainty that although it is sad to see Ellen/Meredith leave, we will love and miss them (Ellen and Meredith) forever and are so excited to see what they (Ellen and Meredith) do in the future.

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