The Longhorn Robotic Team

Danwanth Jeyakumar and Andrew Choi We are Longhorn Robotics Team #13274, the official robotics team of Leigh High School since 2017. The team is composed of a diverse group of students of all ages and backgrounds who currently attend Leigh High School. The primary goal of the club is to teach people about competitive roboticsContinue reading “The Longhorn Robotic Team”

Microorganisms: A Hidden World Of Wonders

Caden Sherman Introduction One of the most important natural resources is water. It acts as a source of hydration for all living things and it can serve as a habitat for many. Oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, and many other bodies of water are some examples. However, what microscopic life lives in the water? Are thereContinue reading “Microorganisms: A Hidden World Of Wonders”

Vaccine Distribution

Natalie Bachman While vaccine production was a feat in itself, mass distribution is a long anticipated procedure that we have now been faced with. Although vaccines typically take years to produce, the two main distributors, Moderna and Pfizer, produced the vaccine in a few months. With no hard plan, though, the general public may notContinue reading “Vaccine Distribution”

Leigh’s Mock Trial Team

Dhruthi Mahesh Have you ever wondered what happens in a courtroom trial? Mock Trial is a club that simulates a court in session where students are given a criminal case and asked to argue their assigned position in front of a judge against another school. Members of mock trial meet with attorney coaches, and areContinue reading “Leigh’s Mock Trial Team”

Drain The Oceans: Review

Skylar Long The TV show by National Geographic, Drain the Oceans is a series of 45-minute episodes on various topics ranging from the incident that wiped out dinosaurs, to battleships from World Wars I and II to aircraft that crashed in the ocean. The TV show features sonar scanning of the seafloor and using theContinue reading “Drain The Oceans: Review”

Beyond Our Planet: 2020

Natalie Bachman 2020 was undoubtedly an unusual year, throwing its own set of twists and turns. Amid a pandemic, civil rights movements, and a presidential election, humanity still managed to explore the world we live in – or rather, what lies beyond. Despite the raging pandemic, the aerospace community managed to further space exploration, andContinue reading “Beyond Our Planet: 2020”

Ringing In A Lunar New Year

Karen Guo The Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival in China and East Asia, is a traditional holiday that people in Asia celebrate at the beginning of a new year on the lunar calendar (a day normally falls between late January and early February on the solarContinue reading “Ringing In A Lunar New Year”

Kamala Harris: Defying History

Anna Halmeaho Kamala Harris is probably best known for being the Senator of California. However, now that she and Joe Biden are the official winners of the election that took place in November of 2020, she will make history as the first Black, Indian, and women Vice president of the United States. As the futureContinue reading “Kamala Harris: Defying History”