Technological Advancements

Li-Yen Ho

According to a 2019 report from the American Academy of Pediatrics, teenagers 13-18 spend an average of 6.5 hours a day on screens even before the pandemic struck. Now, high school students are forced to take classes online and factor in more time in front of a computer. During the pandemic, especially, most social interaction takes place over text or video call. Some extracurricular activities would also have moved online, causing many, including teenagers, to spend both productive and recreational time on a device. While many people, including myself, have spent hours scrolling through social media on their phones, scientists and engineers have been at work designing new technology.

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The Return To Campus

Skylar Long

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of our school year has been conducted online. Some students hoped to return to campus in person at the beginning of the second semester, but due to the increasing rate of transmission, the possibility of returning was pushed back to later in the year. 

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Teen Pandemic Outlook

Natalie Bachman

As a pandemic surges, many can’t help but realize the varying opinions with regards to protective measures. Society has continually noted that teenagers often don’t adhere to protective protocols, but a recent survey sent out to the school indicates that most teens are actually taking these protective measures. Rather, the few students who aren’t have caught the community’s attention.

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Performing Arts

Natalie Bachman

From concert ensembles to theater, many students have found themselves at home within Leigh’s performing arts department. During a typical school year, students dedicate large chunks of their time to these activities; however, as the pandemic surges, students and teachers alike have to develop creative ways in which to pursue the activities virtually.

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Attack On Titan

Caleb Shin

Have you ever watched or heard of the anime series Attack on Titan? If you haven’t you are missing out on a tremendously great success of story and show. I personally find this anime (from WIT and Mappa) to be a huge staple of anime and shows in general, and I believe that, along with its latest release of season four, one of the biggest and most anticipated anime releases ever, it is one of the greatest achievements in the show and film industry. This is simply because it is awfully realistic. 

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The Couple Next Door

Karen Guo

Do you like solving puzzles? Do you like finding clues throughout a movie or book while having a feeling of suspense rising in you? Are you one of those people who are thrilled to see a mystery is finally solved? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then The Couple Next Door is the right book for you, which is available as a paperback and hardcover on Amazon, and online on Kindle and Apple Book app.

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Opinion: Leigh Shouldn’t Be Ranking Students

Neve Apte

Every so often, a student logs into Aeries and sees a statistic perhaps even more ominous than their GPA or letter grades – their class rank. As of right now, Leigh still still ranks their students,  even though many other high schools have stopped,due to the undue stress and unhealthy competition that stems from it. According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, 40% of high schools stopped ranking students, or at least didn’t share the information with colleges. While class rankings are potentially more beneficial for college applications, many students at Leigh agree that it should not be kept due to the unnecessary risks it brings with it.

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COVID Vaccination Updates

Nikitha Srinivasan

President Biden told reporters about 90% of adults in the U.S. will be eligible for Covid-19 vaccinations by April 19 (April 15 for California) and will be eligible to even get them within five miles from their homes. According to Our World in Data, As of April 11th, there are 70.7 million Americans who are fully vaccinated and a total of 183 million doses have been given out. In other words, 21.5% of the population is vaccinated. In just California, 22.8 million doses have been administered and 21.1% of the population is vaccinated.  Three covid vaccines have been authorized use from the companies Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. As of April 19th, the public (above the age of 16) can go get the vaccine. 

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Athletics During A Pandemic

Anna Halmeaho

This year, due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, school sports have been postponed. At Leigh, some athletic programs such as Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football and Water Polo, and Tennis are just a few of the sports that have begun. Golf (both girls and boys), Tennis (both), Baseball, Softball, Track & Field, Swim & Dive, Badminton, Boys Volleyball, Wrestling (both), Soccer (both), Basketball, are all starting to receive gear and play games in April and May. Water polo is so far the only sport that’s season has ended and all other sports have started their tryouts during their official day on March 22nd, but several already held workouts since February. Nonetheless, what exactly determines which programs were safe to start? 

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