COVID Vaccination Updates

Nikitha Srinivasan President Biden told reporters about 90% of adults in the U.S. will be eligible for Covid-19 vaccinations by April 19 (April 15 for California) and will be eligible to even get them within five miles from their homes. According to Our World in Data, As of April 11th, there are 70.7 million AmericansContinue reading “COVID Vaccination Updates”

Athletics During A Pandemic

Anna Halmeaho This year, due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, school sports have been postponed. At Leigh, some athletic programs such as Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football and Water Polo, and Tennis are just a few of the sports that have begun. Golf (both girls and boys), Tennis (both), Baseball, Softball, Track & Field, SwimContinue reading “Athletics During A Pandemic”

Vaccine Distribution

Natalie Bachman While vaccine production was a feat in itself, mass distribution is a long anticipated procedure that we have now been faced with. Although vaccines typically take years to produce, the two main distributors, Moderna and Pfizer, produced the vaccine in a few months. With no hard plan, though, the general public may notContinue reading “Vaccine Distribution”

As Cases Rise, Mental Health Suffers

Li Yen Ho Tackling mental health has already been an uphill battle for decades. Adding on cases of seasonal affective disorder, most prominent in the winter, can make a person feel dark and gloomy, even in what would be considered a normal year. In general, young adults aged 18-25 are most susceptible to mental illness,Continue reading “As Cases Rise, Mental Health Suffers”