Anu Venkatesh

Over the past two years, many things have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic: traveling, hosting parties, spending time with friends and family, to name a few. To add to the already long list, Navratri, one of the largest and most popular festivals in India, has faced many changes in the way it has been celebrated. 

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The Summer Slide Phenomenon: The Reason We Don’t Remember Penguins In Elementary School

Maitreyi Bharath

In elementary school, I vividly remember doing an extensive unit on the penguins of the world. There was a Macaroni penguin, an Emperor penguin, and even a Fairy penguin. There were a bunch more, but I can’t recall them.

There’s the problem. When summer break ended, and I came back to school, that was all I could remember. How could 2 months have affected my memory of such a huge unit this badly?

Meet the Summer Slide Phenomenon. Woo.

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Relay For Life

Haley Lee

I’m sure you’ve seen posters promoting “Relay For Life” and perhaps even me, Bianca Gao, Ella Frank, and Outreach commission members tabling for it in the quad…But what exactly is this “relay?” 

In simple words, Relay For Life is an overnight event funding for the American Cancer Society. Like a relay, at least one person from each “team” must be on the track during the event (join Team Famleigh here!). With food, fun activities, themes for laps, survivor speeches, luminaria, and more, Relay For Life is a fun way to fundraise for an important cause. Bring your friends and family, and let’s all celebrate love and support for our community! 

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Daylight Savings

Maitreyi Bharath

The morning of March 13 was different from other mornings.

For one thing, I lost an hour of sleep. Thank Daylight Saving Time, or DST for short. Since then, my sleep cycle has shifted unhealthily late at night. I wake up feeling more tired than before. Getting through English and Biology in the morning has suddenly become more difficult. In short, my internal system has been messed up, and I won’t be getting back that precious extra hour until November 6, 2022. Is Daylight Saving worth all the hassle?

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Parenting Styles

Karen Guo

Imagine a child standing right in front of you. What are they like to you? Are they a social, ongoing child? Or are they a shy, anxious child who keeps to themself? Parenting style is a concept that explains parents’ attitudes and behaviors toward their children. Different parenting styles result in various types of children. As kids develop, they heavily depend on their parents’ opinions/responses. Psychologists use four types of parenting styles – authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and neglectful – to describe the relationship between children and parents.

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Students Enraged Over New Tech Policies

Neve Apte

Technology plays an important role in our learning at school. Due to potential for misuse, the school has always had some measures in place to ensure that the school-issued Chromebooks are used in a safe and appropriate way. However, recent developments involving new policies and practices relating to these devices have led to considerable outrage and discomfort among the students.

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The Importance Of Books

Anne Kearns

From the Epic of Gilgamesh to the latest Stephen King novel, books have been a vital part of mankind for thousands of years. With the rise of the digital age, a time when large amounts of information are widely available to many people through technology, it is tempting to cast off reading as a thing of the past. But reading still greatly influences society, much like it has done through the millennia it has dominated our world.

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