The Couple Next Door

Karen Guo

Do you like solving puzzles? Do you like finding clues throughout a movie or book while having a feeling of suspense rising in you? Are you one of those people who are thrilled to see a mystery is finally solved? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then The Couple Next Door is the right book for you, which is available as a paperback and hardcover on Amazon, and online on Kindle and Apple Book app.

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Recipe: Pork And Cabbage Dumplings

One of the most popular traditional foods that people eat on Lunar New Year is dumplings. There are many different ways to make them. Each has its own unique characteristic and flavor that can fit anyone for this traditional holiday. Eating dumplings together with family in a Lunar New Year means “Out with the old year, in with the new year”, a way for people to yearn for the good days to come in the new year.

Every year on Lunar New Year Eve, my family and I have dumplings for dinner. Beside their traditional values, I enjoy dumplings – no matter what kind. Today, I will give you a short instruction on how to make pork cabbage dumplings, cooked as potstickers.

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Drain The Oceans: Review

Skylar Long

The TV show by National Geographic, Drain the Oceans is a series of 45-minute episodes on various topics ranging from the incident that wiped out dinosaurs, to battleships from World Wars I and II to aircraft that crashed in the ocean. The TV show features sonar scanning of the seafloor and using the data to create 3D images and to look at shipwrecks under the waves in places where humans can’t dive safely. Or in some cases remove the layers of the earth to reveal the shipwrecks underneath. There are three seasons to the series. Each season is around ten episodes. The series can be found on the National Geographic Channel as well as on Disney+, Vudu, and Amazon Prime. Drain the Oceans tries to cover the historical background of the shipwreck, answer the question of how the wreck got there, and what happened to cause the ship or other vessels to sink. 

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Alex Trebek’s Legacy

Natalie Bachman

In the early morning of November 8, 2020, Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy, died of stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Jeopardy, produced by Sony Pictures, is an age-old quiz show, in which 3 contestants answer a variety of trivia questions in a broad range of topics. The winner of a round goes on to compete the next night, and so on until they are defeated.

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