Dual Enrollment: A Fantastic Opportunity

Anne Kearns

Thinking about doing Dual Enrollment? Well, here’s what I can tell you from my experience.

I am currently enrolled in Child, Family, Community – a class about taking care of and understanding the psychology of children in the context of family and community. Currently, we are discussing Erikson’s eight stages of man and the importance of autonomy. Last semester, I took Sociology and absolutely loved it. My teachers have both been really kind and flexible, always putting the student’s needs first. While sociology was mostly lecture-based and you could watch the stream whenever you wanted, the class I am currently taking is big on participation and there is a roll call grade. Ultimately, it just depends on the teacher.

One of the best things about dual enrollment is that it offers options. Here at Leigh, you can take a very limited number of classes, so it is nice to have options with college courses. You can choose whether you would like to take the class online asynchronously or in person. I personally have only done online since that works best with my schedule, but classes are also offered at local high schools within CUHSD. Also, it’s entirely free – you just pick up the textbook from the school library! 

Overall, I highly recommend doing Dual Enrollment; it is a great opportunity, manageable even with a busy schedule, and it offers more choices!

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