Quizlet Is No Longer Free…Here’s Some Alternatives

Haley Lee

Quizlet, unarguably the most prominent of all study websites, recently moved half of their features to their premium subscription, named Quizlet Plus. We’ve always known Quizlet Plus was the realistic way for Quizlet to earn a decent income. We’ve also dealt with the bright ads that, ever so often, avert our attention from the learning for the sake of keeping the features we have free. But Quizlet has gone too far in their recent update just last August of 2022, when they drastically limited access to two of their four total features: “Test” and “Learn.”

^ The test feature went from unlimited tests to only 1 test in a free plan. (left)

^ The Learn feature changed from unlimited rounds to only 5 rounds in a free plan. (right)

Fortunately, Quizlet is not the only flashcard application on the internet. While there is a plethora of money-grabbing sites infested with horrid restrictions and recurring ads, the select few in the following list can help compensate for Quizlet’s premium-only features.

Knowt (knowt.io)

100% FREENo tests yet (will be added mid-October 2022)
Turn notes into personalized quizzes and flashcards within 10 secondsNo Learn yet (will be added mid-October 2022)
Upload/type notes into flashcardsQuestions sometimes irrelevant
Add visuals to flashcards
Find notes from other users
Browse 50+ textbooks
Spaced-repetition software
Customized exam schedule
Aesthetically pleasing

Cram.com (cram.com)

100% FREE on websiteMust pay to print/download flashcards
Upload/type notes into flashcardsAds on the sides
“Hint side” featureNot very aesthetic 
TEST featurecustomizable with Matching, Written, Multiple Choice, True/False formats, customizable with leniency (difference in case, punctuation, spaces, parentheses) and limitsCan be slow
2 games“Jewels of Wisdom”“Stellar Speller”
Find notes from other users


FREE for desktop (AnkiWeb)Paid for apps ($25 one-time payment)
Popular among medical students
Intuitive, simple designRequires daily commitment
Spaced repetitionOnly card flipping, no “Learn” no games no tests
Different types of cardsBasic card: question on front, answer on
backReverse card: Bidirectional flipping of cardCloze Deletion: Guess the word omitted from the sentenceEg: [Hint: Civil War] was the 16th president of the United States.Image occlusion: Identify blank labels on an image
More steps to create cards
Audio, image, and video files can be incorporated into flashcardsMust convert to .apkg format to import cards
Customize frequency of cards
Pre-made Anki decks available online on https://ankiweb.net/shared/decks/Tracks statistics

100% Free ✅ ✅ on web
Basic Flashcards✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ 
Interactive Cards (cloze deletion, image occlusion)✅ 
Browse other sets✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ 
Spaced Repetition✅ ✅ ✅ 
Test✅ ✅ 
Games✅ ✅ 
Upload notes to flashcards✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ 
Aesthetic design✅ ✅ ✅ 
Customized exam schedule✅ ✅ 
“Hint” in flashcards✅ ✅ 
Image in flashcards✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ 
Audio/video in flashcard✅ 

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