Bell Schedule And Changes in School

Kenta Tonari & Advaith Narayanan

As the COVID pandemic conditions change, so do the school policies. With bell schedule changes, tardy policy modifications, and so much more, it is crucial that both new and returning students have an understanding of these changes and how they will affect them. 

To begin with the school schedule, according to the California Legislative Information, starting this year high schools in California have to “begin no earlier than 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.” Initially, this bill was passed on account of the prevalent sleep-deprived high school students. Prior to the COVID pandemic, many students were able to get plentiful sleep. Now that we are recovering from the pandemic as a whole, homework, quizzes, and such will be more difficult and stressful. 

Getting more sleep allows you to lower risk of health diseases, be more productive, and reduce stress. In the short-term, students may sleep for longer periods of time. However, in the long-term, students may start to sleep even later, as they get extra time to sleep in the morning. Naturally, the later the alarm goes off, the later they will start to sleep. Furthermore, compared to last year, there is about 30 minutes of school time lost each day due to later school. This means that there is about 7 hours less of school each month. As a result, more content is pushed into a shorter time.

Additionally, tardy policy had been modified. With only two tardies for detention, the school sends a strong message: coming on-time to school is an essential part of learning. While two tardies may seem inadequate and harsh, this policy shouldn’t be a problem for a good deal of the students. 

School remains an important place to learn how to confront challenging situations. In any case, the school is trying its best to try to support their students. Nevertheless some students can still struggle to adapt to the changes. WIth a clear understanding of Leigh’s policy changes, students will not only feel less stressed, but will also perform daily tasks more efficiently.

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