Android vs Iphone

Arushi Garud

In today’s world, over 66% of people own smartphones. That amounts to a total of 5.22 billion people. Of this number, there are 3 billion Android users, and 900 million iPhone users. In the United States, there are currently more than 113 million iPhone users, and a grand total of 133.4 million Android users. Both phones are popular and have many loyal users. And both phones have their pros and cons to owning and using them. Which begs the question; which type of smartphone is better, Android or iPhone? 

iPhones, while extremely sought and popular throughout the US, have many positive assets to them. The pros of iPhones are that the phones are made by one manufacturer, so their products are consistent year after year. This means that they have consistent and good build quality, with a water resistance of up to half-an-hour, ceramic shield technology, and solid durability through any extreme scenarios. In comparison, the Android is made by many brands and because of this, it has many fragments or variations throughout as all brands do not manufacture the phone the same way. This can cause an inconsistency throughout the selling of the smartphone, because they are not all the same then. Furthermore, the interface of the iPhone is very user-friendly and straightforward; the simplicity of it being a key factor towards its popularity. Additionally, the iOS updates do not completely reinvent the phone, only equipping it with more advanced features. Other good features of the iPhones include great performance, good battery life, good camera, a secure network, and the ability to seamlessly pair with other devices. 

On the other hand, iPhones also have their disadvantages. They are costly; the latest iPhones prices go well above a thousand dollars. It is also difficult to download apps outside of the App Store, and iPhones do not allow third-party devices other than Apple ones to easily connect with them. The phones also do not have a headphone jack, so without using Airpods or having to prevent charging of the phone by plugging earbuds into the charging port. There is also a lack of variety in iPhones, with their style, design, and overall look remaining relatively the same throughout the years.  

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