Relay For Life

Haley Lee

I’m sure you’ve seen posters promoting “Relay For Life” and perhaps even me, Bianca Gao, Ella Frank, and Outreach commission members tabling for it in the quad…But what exactly is this “relay?” 

In simple words, Relay For Life is an overnight event funding for the American Cancer Society. Like a relay, at least one person from each “team” must be on the track during the event (join Team Famleigh here!). With food, fun activities, themes for laps, survivor speeches, luminaria, and more, Relay For Life is a fun way to fundraise for an important cause. Bring your friends and family, and let’s all celebrate love and support for our community! 


Q: Do I have to stay overnight if I want to participate? 

A: You don’t have to stay overnight; you are welcome to just drop by and leave. But if you want to spend a fun night with friends, survivors, and the cancer-fighting community at Leigh’s campus, make sure to raise $100 in funds beforehand! 

Q: Do I have to sign up to participate (because I don’t know if my schedule will work with it now)?

A: You don’t need to sign up beforehand! You are welcome to just join on the day of the event.

Q: What is Luminaria?

A: A Luminaria is a handmade paper lantern “in honor or remembrance of a life touched by cancer.” During the event, we will take a moment of silence for the dedicated loved ones. It’s a truly beautiful thing, but we currently have a lack of funds for Luminaria. Donate/Dedicate a luminaria or learn more here. Donations will fund the American Cancer Society.

Q: I can’t attend the event…how else can I contribute?

A: Donations! Whether that’s for the American Cancer Society, Luminaria, or the event itself, all donations will significantly help our journey! You can donate here.

If you can’t attend the relay, don’t worry! Here are some other ways to support the cause:

  • Donate!
  • Lead a fundraiser 
    • Bake sale
    • Online fundraiser (facebook/instagram/gofundme/etc)
    • Email family and friends for donations
    • Sell old clothes or objects
  • Spread the word about the relay and the American Cancer Society!

If you (or someone else you know) are interested in speaking at the event, email me or the event committee (Haline K: and Nolan L: asap! 

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