Home Depot Catches Fire

Nikitha Srinivasan

The home depot on Blossom hill caught on fire, it quickly changed from a one-alarm fire to a five-alarm fire. The fire started at 6:00 pm and was deemed under control at 11:45 pm. The cause of the fire is still unknown and is under investigation. The fire was reported in the lumber section so there is a possibility of correlation. It is reported that the cause is not due to any criminal activity. The home depot contains glues, pesticides and paint which contain toxic chemicals when burned. It was reported that the store’s sprinklers worked but did not go off. 

The air quality was reported to be really bad and it was suggested to keep your windows and doors closed. On Sunday evening the shelter in place was lifted due to improved air quality. On Sunday morning, Fox News reported that the “Fire was still smoldering and producing light smoke”. The fire needed 110 crew of firefighters to battle a fire which took 5 hours to get it under control. They used hundreds of thousands of gallons of water to douse the fire.

There were no casualties nor any injuries to any civilians or home depot workers, although the next door pet hospital and 15 houses behind Home Depot were evacuated. The structure eventually collapsed due to the roof falling and it will take time for it to be deemed safe even to enter. The heat from the fire showed up on multiple radars including the National weather service radar and the local radar. Small fire embers have landed on the road, and it was advised to be careful of these hot spots. While Home Depot is at a huge loss, no lives were hurt or injured. 

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