Gen Leigh Music Festival

Maitreyi Bharath

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Here are some interviews with performers!

BRANDON KUNG (junior) and DYLAN PEREZ (junior)

Playing: “Kaleidoscope” by Eric Samut

Why did you choose the piece you’re playing?

DYLAN: I saw the piece back in middle school, and I remember being amazed by how fast these two players were playing. I also like the technical aspect of it and how advanced it was. Brandon came up to me and asked, “We should do a duet,” and I was like “Yeah, let’s do it!”

How long have you been playing your instrument?

BRANDON: I started playing keyboard percussion in 7th grade. Thanks to the marching percussion program at Leigh, I’ve massively improved since then!

Q: Are you in any ensembles at Leigh?

BRANDON: Yes, I am in winter percussion currently and do marching band in the fall.

DYLAN: I used to be in wind ensemble, [I’m in] Tri-M of course, Leigh’s winter percussion, and Leigh’s marching band.

Q: Favorite songs/genres of music?

BRANDON: I like a bunch of genres and music that doesn’t even fit into genres. My favorites are probably classical, jazz, and “indie,” whatever that is. And my favorite songs are constantly changing.

DYLAN: My favorite artist at the moment is For some reason I’ve gotten into Michael Jackson again, I’m into Crumb, and I just listened to a Tyler, the Creator song I haven’t listened to in a while, and I forgot how good he was.

Q: Spotify or Apple Music?

BRANDON: Spotify, but only because I’ve used it for so long. I wish they’d pay their artists more, though.

DYLAN: I use Apple Music because of my parents and because they pay their artists better, but if I had a choice, I would choose Spotify (for the Spotify Wrapped).

LIBBIE KILLEN (senior) and MOLLY MALIN (junior)

Playing: “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

Q: Why did you choose the piece you’re playing?

MOLLY: One of the songs we’re playing is “Fade Into You,” which is such a pretty piece of music, and it’s kind of a classic sad 90s song. We picked it because it has both piano and guitar parts, plus vocals that we can add some cool harmonies to.

A: How long have you been playing your instrument?

LIBBIE: I’ve been playing guitar for about five years.

MOLLY: I’ve played piano for around eight years, and I started playing guitar during the beginning of Covid. We have been singing together since choir in middle school.

Q: Favorite songs/genres of music?

LIBBIE: I listen to pretty much all genres, but some of my favorite artists are Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Willow, Men I Trust, Mazzy Star, and Carole King.

MOLLY: It really depends on the time of year. Right now I’m into Men I Trust, Clairo, and Faye Webster, and I always love Lizzy McAlpine.

Q: Spotify or Apple Music?

LIBBIE: Definitely Spotify!

MOLLY: Spotify xoxo

We have many other ensembles performing, including the Leigh Choir Club!! Text @leighcho to 81010 if interested in singing with the choir!!

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Article by Maitreyi Bharath

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