AP Exam Prep Tips

Dhruthi Mahesh

The AP Exams are rapidly approaching- Here’s what you can do to help you succeed! 

  1. Review Content and Practice Skills 

The most effective way to ensure success on the AP exam is to review the content. Consider purchasing a review book, revisiting study materials provided by your teacher, or finding other resources online to help summarize the content. Practicing the skills the exam is testing you on is also a beneficial way to study. The best way to practice for the written portion of AP exams is to do FRQs and outline essays by giving yourself a prompt and a time limit. Daily videos and practice provided by AP classroom are also a good source of review content and skill practice, as they often give tips on how to approach FRQs and MCQs of the particular topic.  

  1. Create a Study Schedule 

Creating a study schedule based on how much time you have until the AP exam and how much content you need to review will help you manage your time wisely to ensure that you have enough time to study before the exam. This can include studying with friends or others that are also preparing for the exam. Make sure to allocate your time throughout the week to make sure you have time for other school work and extracurricular activities- balance is key! 

  1. Take Practice Exams 

One of the best ways to prepare for the time restraints on the actual exam is to take multiple practice exams that allow you to gauge what sections you are spending more time on than given and to know what you need to study more. Practice tests can be provided through your teacher, through a purchased supplemental review book, or through other online resources. 

  1. Be Prepared on Exam Day 

Along with preparing for the exam, it is equally as important to make sure that you are prepared for exam day. Look at the College Board’s AP Terms and Conditions to get a complete list of what to do and what not to do beforehand. Don’t forget to bring No.2 pencils, a reliable calculator (if required) with spare batteries, and a pen for the written portion. Although you may not access water or snacks while taking the exam, make sure you bring something to eat or drink to enjoy during the breaks. Also, consider showing up to your testing location early on exam day to ensure you have the best testing experience possible. 

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