2022 Fashion Predictions

Sofia Marougi

As the new year rolls around, we all get excited for the upcoming memories and events. Numerous people have countless traditions that they partake in when the year begins, mine happens to be predicting the fashion trends which will peak sometime within the next 12 months.

Vintage Fashion

Dressing up as though we were born in a year other than our actual birth year isn’t a new notion, but the decade that will rule the fashion industry does change. In the past, we have seen many nostalgic trends such as the 90’s and 00’s. While I believe that the 2000’s was a decade for  major fashion changes in society, I think that this coming year things will switch up a bit. In 2021, the style “Y2K” was extremely popular with our generation. In 2022, I hope to see the 2000’s style to settle down a bit and make way for  1970’s fashion. People in the 70’s often wore flowy clothes with lots of color. Bell Bottom pants were a staple in this time period and are fairly easy to style, especially if they are made from denim material. Many textured pieces were also very popular, including furs and ruffles. Exciting pieces like these are found in local vintage and thrift stores, and can be paired with more mellow items to allow them to stand out. The 1970’s was an overall whimsical time in fashion history and some aspects of it should be brought back into present time.

Furthermore, I have noticed that many people think of the 1980’s as a time of leg warmers and crazy colors. Although this certain style was quite popular with athletes, there are other fashion trends from the 80’s that I wish would get more recognition. More specifically, 80’s gothic fashion. From crazy hairstyles to dark makeup and clothes, the 80’s was definitely an unforgettable time in goth history. There were many inspiring celebrities at the time including Robert Smith and Siouxsie Sioux that had a great impact on many teens and young adults at the time. I personally loved how the 1980’s displayed gothic fashion and I hope that more people acknowledge and decide to dress in this style! 


As we know, many different cultures have different ways of dressing and expressing themselves through the art of fashion. I have been obsessed with certain international styles recently and would love to see them being worn more in the future! 

Let’s start off with a very popular subculture from Japan, known as lolita fashion. The style is heavily influenced on western fashion from the Victorian era and lolita fans usually fall into the “gothic” or “sweet” category. Gothic lolita can be presented by elegant dresses in gloomy colors with matching dark accessories. Sweet lolits are pretty much the exact opposite. It is represented by pink and white dresses with pleasant designs and charming accessories to pair. Both styles are very graceful and are usually covered in lace or other fabrics. Other than the dress or main piece, lolita style includes shoes, stockings, hats or hair accessories, umbrellas, and more. Makeup is also based on the style of the main piece of the outfit and quaint.

Casual Wear

Currently, most students wear casual clothing to school. These include jeans, blouses, comfortable shoes, and sometimes fashionable jewelry. I believe that our casual wear will not change a lot, but it might be elevated a little. 

Fun colors that were popular in the past may make a comeback, for example orange and turquoise. With these extreme colors, I believe that funky tights will also make a turnaround. They can be paired with mini/mid length skirts, or anything else that shows bare leg skin. Clothing lined with lace will hopefully become more popular as well. 

Makeup wise, I think that this year people will want to wear darker lipsticks and obscure eye makeup. This is not a new trend, but I feel that we need to bring back a darker makeup classic that can be worn by so many people! 

As we know, jeans will not be out of style for a while, but the different cuts may switch out. As I mentioned earlier, I hope for a bell bottom return. Beside that, I believe that flared and wide leg jeans will slowly be more common in everyday fashion, since people love to have baggy jeans.

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