Entrepreneur Magazine Analysis

Nikitha Srinivasan

The entrepreneur is an American magazine and website that spreads the news about business management, the stock market, and entrepreneurship. The magazine was published in 1997. It publishes 12 magazines annually and is available in over 6 countries. The company’s current owner is Peter Shea and its main editor is Jason Feifer. The website talks a lot about the stock market — it has the S&P 500 index of the day and several stock calculations, including Wall Street and Bitcoin. The website also includes a guide for building your business that discusses how to avoid problems, how to make deals, and network. 

The website has many aspects that attract readers. The front page is designed to pull readers in, with the latest, most dramatic story to attract people to read more. It also is a great resource for people interested in finance and aspiring entrepreneurs, since the website has information on top stocks and can use the website to learn more about starting their own businesses.

I noticed that Entrepreneur’s website avoids involving in or talking about anything political. The website has many articles and analyzes many businesses, but it doesn’t take a concrete stance on topics. Instead, it presents  both sides and lets the reader choose their stance on a topic. The Entrepreneur’s article on Burger King provides an example. The article describes how nine employees in Nebraska announced their resignation at Burger King and posted a sign outside the Burger King which said “WE ALL QUIT. “SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE”. The employees described how overlooked they and their working conditions were by the upper management. One employee, Flores, said the Burger king working conditions included 90 degree kitchens, which resulted in severe dehydration, and 50-60 hour work weeks. 

Entrepreneur’s article describes the event but avoids taking a strong stance on Burger King’s treatment of its employees. The author doesn’t indicate any strong opinions on the employees’ treatment.  

This impartiality is also shown in Entrepreneur’s business analyses. While the website critiques quite a few companies, it also compliments them on good business deals and what a company can do to achieve them. Entrepreneur’s article on McDonald’s loyalty program is the best example of how the magazine helps teach people about business. The article describes McDonald’s loyalty program, a profitable venture that helps the chain have more repeat customers. The article goes on to explain how one can start their own loyalty program. The author shows slight bias in favor of the loyalty program when  they mention “franchises everywhere should be considering the loyalty program”.  However, the reason was probably to attract people to the loyalty program and to teach people about how to implement this program in their companies. These articles are examples of how Entrepreneur’s authors avoid inputting their opinion as much as possible but simply state the pros and cons of every company and its choices. 

The mission of Entrepreneur is to create a platform to inspire, inform and celebrate entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur has a definitive guide to all the diverse challenges of business ownership and helps all business owners get past them. I agree that the articles of Entrepreneur are honoring the mission. Both the website and the magazine educate readers and helps people make informed decisions in business. The articles also encourage free thinking by letting readers choose their own stance on topics or issues. The articles aren’t opinionated— they simply give readers information about business events and issues.The website and the magazine also don’t have any leading topics causing readers to change their opinions while reading the article. The platform inspires so many individuals by giving easy step-by-step guides on starting or enhancing businesses. The Entrepreneur celebrates successful businesses and entrepreneurs as well, telling readers about them and teaching readers how we can achieve their success.

The audience Entrepreneur aims for is made up of aspiring entrepreneurs and people who want to improve their businesses. The magazine is similar to a cookbook for business. It gives people recipes for starting businesses and teaches people different ways to be successful as an entrepreneur. One of my favorite things about the website is that readers don’t need any prior business knowledge to understand an article’s main idea. The magazine is intended for helping people who are starting their own business. It is also considered to be an online forum for entrepreneurs. However, the company only intends to aim to inform aspiring entrepreneurs about business. While it talks about important skills, it’s not necessarily a handbook for how to start your own business.

Entrepreneur does have its downsides, though, on Glassdoor, only 58% of employees would recommend the website to a friend. There was a concerning amount of people claiming to be scammed by the website. According to these critical reviews, Entrepreneur has charged people for items they didn’t buy, failed to deliver items, and didn’t refund buyers’ money after these complaints.   However, the website’s media seems quite reliable. I haven’t seen a single complaint about article content, and the website is more about guides to business rather than news. According to SiteJabber reviews, Entrepreneurship is sticking to its mission of spreading information and isn’t overly focused on profit like other websites as a non-profit and not making a profit. People have given the website many favorable reviews. One reader described it as the “hands down best site for start-up, small business, big business, tips, warnings, market insight, online culture it’s a valuable site to have” [sic]. I believe that the website is a great resource for information, and I suggest staying clear of buying anything on the website. In conclusion, I believe that Entrepreneur is a great resource to start your company, learn about business and management, and start fulfilling your dreams of entrepreneurship. 

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