Are Schools Really as Inclusive as They Say? 

Most schools, all throughout America have one thing in common: turning a blind eye towards bigoted students. 

The amount of racism, sexism and pure hatred that gets swept under the rug just because schools swear up and down that they are all inclusive and not bigoted, is disgusting. 

And Leigh isn’t immune to this epidemic. 

We, as a school, pride ourselves on creating a safe space for diversity but how much of a safe space is it really?

 How do we measure diversity and acceptance when we allow disgusting comments that are encompassed in racism, misogyny and transphobia etc to go by unnoticed? 

Why do we continue to set the example that being someone who brings pride to our community, means that they get no repercussions? 

How do we allow these people to represent us as a community? 

How do we go to games, scream our heads off, allowing the words of “Go Longhorns!” to flow through us as if it was a whisper in the air, always there but amplified with an despicable innuendo masked within the wind? 

That no matter what they do, they won’t be caught because who cares “it was just a joke” right?

How do we sit through rallies, seeing our classmates wear our colors and yet we do nothing?

We say nothing?

How do we allow this? 

How do we have the conscience to allow this to slip our minds?  

How do we have the conscience to stay quiet?
How do we just assume that another person will tell, that we should do nothing?

But the question we need to ask ourselves the most? How can we call this school a safe space when these types of actions go by unnoticed and we continue to have these types of people representing our name? 

It’s time that we become aware of our own faults and speak out against the comments that are whispered through the halls. 

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