A Collection Of Student Photography

This photo gallery, consisting of photos taken by our very own Leigh students, displays the works of Sadie Scott, Liam Corbett, Charlotte Pan, Indalina Chan, Ayano Osawa, myself, and three generous anonymous participants. Please enjoy the following selection of Leigh’s mini gallery exhibit.

Welcome to our gallery. Scroll through the works at your ease.

The Fine Line

Photographed on a Canon Rebel T3i DSLR Camera

“Presented as a 3-panel triptych, this piece shows the other, deadlier side of the California storm that most did not get a glimpse at. Taken just hours after a car crash just a few yards away, all three photos were taken from a single windowsill and follow in order:

A dilapidated fence blowing into cars and leaving metal spring everywhere.

A local palm tree bending in the wind; one of the many that survived not falling down. Yet the fact that these trees fell in the first place in a sunny state like California is unnerving.

A car hydroplaning down a residential road. A road where children cross the street to run to the park, and dogs run rampant. No one looks both ways for hydroplaning cars.

There is a fine line between a storm that can hydrate California and one that can drown it.”

Sadie Scott, 9th

“I took this photo at school during lunchtime. I just thought the clouds looked cool and took a picture with my phone out of impulse; a bird photo bombed it. I really like nature (except for bugs) and clouds (as well as birds) are a favorite of mine. The blue sky contrasts with the gray clouds and bird and is brighter than both. The bird flying among large clouds with a rift that shows clear blue sky makes this photo feel calm, peaceful, and optimistic to me. If you are in a tough situation right now, remember that the future can always improve.”


“I had to trim my sister’s butterfly plant and I saw a bee pollinating a flower so I just pulled my phone out.”

– Liam Corbett, 9th

A collection of Charlotte Pan’s photography

“This photo is like two years old. But it’s from when I was in France. And most people paint that city as a city of love and happiness. But I wanted to bring out a more gloomy side and show that Paris is also the city of heartbreak. This was the same year of the Notre Dame fire so Paris was definitely heartbroken. All of France was.”

– Anonymous

Eleven Works of Photography by Indalina Chan

“A beautiful purple, blue, and pink sunrise during 0 period outside of the Leadership classroom.”

– Anonymous

shot on iphone, edited on snapseed

“The yellow paint on the page creates contrast from the mainly red background. The warm tones throughout the photo tie it together and remind me of autumn leaves. I also love how the sunlight hit the glass here.”

– Ayano Osawa, 9th

Featuring Leigh’s Big Jazz band. Shot on a google pixel utilizing ‘night sight’.

Fall fest 2021 :: “Musical ambiance is displayed through bright warm tones contrasting darker backgrounds.”

– Haley Lee, 9th

Featuring Lauren Yee, senior. Shot on a google pixel.

@ Santa Teresa Golf Course :: “a moment between the afternoon and the evening.”

– Haley Lee, 9th

That is the end of the gallery. Thank you.

special thanks to our eight photographers + those who helped publicize news of the gallery for making this possible, and our eleight co-president Natalie B. for guiding me through the process of learning how to use WordPress. and to all those who have taken a moment to look through this gallery. thank you.

Haley Lee

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