Best Buddies: Reaching Out, And Establishing Friendships

Mia Shafer

Best Buddies is a club where we share personal friendships with students who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. We try to focus on one-to-one student interactions so that everyone involved feels valued.

Many students with developmental disabilities miss out when it comes to social connections, and being in a peer buddy relationship allows all students to feel included in the high school scene. These interactions include, having lunch, studying homework together, hanging out in friend groups and just knowing someone’s there who’s got your back.

I have been in this club for 3 years, since I was a freshman. I started out as a regular member who often participated in the club’s activities, and this year I was invited by my English teacher, Mrs. Duffy, to be the Peer Buddy Representative. This role involves coordinating buddy pairs and making sure all students are and feel included.

We make sure to encourage new members to join and participate in our club activities, and events. Please feel free to reach out to me and the club if you are interested in joining in our fun!

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