Alumni Athlete: Lauren Osborne

When did you first join field hockey and softball? What inspired you to join each of these teams?

I joined the field hockey and softball teams my freshman year. I’d played softball since I was 5 years old, so having the opportunity to represent my school was very inspiring. On the other hand, joining the field hockey team was a more spontaneous decision. I was looking to play a second sport in the fall and several close friends inspired me to try field hockey. I am so grateful that they did because being a Leigh field hockey player was one of my favorite high school experiences. 

What was your position in softball, and what were your responsibilities regarding that position?

I mostly played shortstop and third base. As a shortstop, you are the captain of the infield and are in charge of communicating with the rest of the defense and participating in set plays. Third base is similar, but you are also responsible for fielding bunts. 

Similarly, what was your position, and responsibilities in field hockey?

I was the center defender which meant my responsibilities were keeping the ball out of our circle, driving the ball down the field, and participating in defensive corners.

When reflecting on your time with Leigh Athletics, what do you consider to be some of your fondest memories?

My fondest field hockey memory was scoring the winning overtime goal against Presentation in the CCS playoffs my senior year and my fondest softball memory was hitting a walkoff triple to beat Branham my junior year. 

What do you consider to be your greatest field hockey accomplishment. What about softball?

I think my greatest field hockey accomplishment was getting pulled up to varsity my freshman year despite never playing the sport before high school. I also am very proud of being a part of two teams that finished the season undefeated. My greatest high school softball accomplishment was being a starter on the varsity team as a freshman and receiving all league recognition each year.  

I saw that you continued to play softball with your college team. What has this experience been like, and how did your time on the Leigh team help you prepare for this?

While I’ve been unable to work with my team because of online school, being a part of the Columbia softball team has been a dream come true. My teammates and coaches are such kind, compassionate, and supportive people! To make up for the lack of in-person training, I’ve been meeting with my coaches frequently to discuss mechanics and workouts as well as practicing a lot on my own. I used my time on the Leigh team to learn how to lead by example and be a supportive teammate, which has prepared me to compete at the next level. 

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